Meet our new Ambassador — Bree May

Bree May (5) 1

Since being crowned champion of Channel Seven’s reality cooking competition My Kitchen Rules in 2014, Bree May has become a familiar face in South Australia.

Since winning the title, Bree continues to express her love and passion for food and cooking through her bespoke catering business, freelance writing, styling and recipe development, cooking classes, guest appearances, live cooking demonstrations and event hosting. She also has her own food obsession blog and website.

Bree values giving back to her community and is committed to helping others by supporting charities and causes close to her heart. In a new role, Bree is getting out of the kitchen to work with the Bone Health Foundation as an ambassador.

As the fun-loving mother of two energetic young girls, Bree knows first hand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Bree is passionate about healthy bones and as an ambassador of the Bone Health Foundation is committed to raising awareness about healthy bones and helping to improving the bone health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Bree knows that improved community awareness about bone health can make a huge difference in terms of prevention, early detection and improved wellbeing.

“Taking care of my family’s health is a priority, so to learn that over 5 billion public health dollars a year goes to treatments for painful bone conditions, really opened my eyes to the importance of good bone health, not just in childhood but throughout life. In many cases, the prevention is so simple – calcium rich foods, daily weight bearing exercise and a little bit of sunlight.

As a mum ‘eat your greens’ takes on so much more meaning for me now!

I am thrilled to be an official ambassador, and to help The Bone Health Foundation spread their message about the importance of bone care. You only get one set of bones. We have to look after them!”