How to Safely Get Vitamin D from Sunlight

Sunshine makes everything feel better! Sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D for our bodies. Vitamin D helps us maintain healthy bones and teeth and helps protect us from a range of illnesses too. But it’s important to understand how to safely get the vitamin D you need without damaging your skin. … Continued

Adelaide Cooking Class with Bree May from My Kitchen Rules

Adelaide Cooking Class with Bree May from My Kitchen Rules The Bone Health Foundation had the pleasure of hosting a cooking demonstration and light lunch prepared by one of our ambassadors and winner of My Kitchen Rules 2014, Bree May. To celebrate Healthy Bones Action Week, Bree prepared her favourite recipes that are filled with … Continued

Charity Quiz Night Adelaide – Bone Health Foundation’s Orange Themed Quiz Night

Bone Health Foundation Charity Quiz Night Adelaide Approximately, how many stripes does a tiger have? Who played Mr Orange in the 1991 film Reservoir Dogs? The Orange River forms the southern border of which African country? What do all of these questions have in common? They’re all related to something orange, which was the theme for … Continued

Children’s Daily Calcium Food Tips

Calcium and Vitamin D are important for growing kids. A sufficient daily intake of these vitamins and nutrients will ensure your children develop strong and health bones for adulthood! But how do you go about working these foods into their diet? The Bone Health foundation has developed these children’s daily calcium food tips to help… … Continued

5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Bones

Exercise is important, no matter what age. Exercise helps control your weight, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes. It improves your mental mood and finally – strengthens your bones and muscles! Here are 5 bone strengthening exercises to work into your daily routine.. Why is exercise good for my bones? … Continued

The Bone Health Foundation Launches The 2018 Ultimate Adventure Challenge in Adelaide

The Ultimate Adventure Challenge is a major fundraising initiative of the Bone Health Foundation.The Foundation’s aims are to provide education, awareness and research into bone health and musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoporosis, scoliosis, rickets and poorly healing fractures affecting Australians of all ages. In November 2018, twelve lucky participants will undertake the adventure of a … Continued